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Dr LEE Wai Yung

Wai Yung Lee, Ph.D., AAMFT Approved Supervisor, is Clinical Director of the Asian Academy of Family Therapy and Aitia Family Institute, is recipient of the prestigious 2014 American Family Therapy Academy’s Distinguished Contribution to Family Therapy Theory and Practice Award. Much of Dr. Lee’s research focused on dispersing the many myths about Asian Chinese families, as well as developing a framework for a culturally relevant approach in working with not only Chinese families, but also families of the world. She has been invited to deliver keynotes and workshops in America, Europe, and Asia, where her work has influenced many family workers, particularly in Mainland China and Taiwan. Her research on Children’s response to parental conflicts has been considered ground-breaking in the family therapy field in which she has expanded the knowledge and technology to the studying of children from divorce and trans-generational families.

In addition to her numerous publications on working with Asian families, Dr. Lee has co-authored three books with Salvador Minuchin, including the first and second editions of “Mastering family therapy – Journeys of growth and transformation,” and the most recent, “Assessing families and couples – From symptom to system,” together with Michael Nichols, all of which has been translated into many different languages. A newspaper columnist, her series of books on families written in Chinese has been published in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong respectively.

Dr CHEN Xiang Yi

Dr Chen, Associate Clinical Director of AITIA Family Institute, is an established and respected clinical pyschologist in China, as well as a distinguished expert in the department of clinical phsychology to the Capital Medical University. He is a Professor, Chief Physician in Shenzhen Sixth People’s Hospital and the Director of the Center for Adolescent and Family Therapy.

In addition, Dr Chen is also the Director of Psychiatry Department in Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital , which is affiliated to Guangdong Medical College. He is a part-time tutor of public hygiene department of Central South University and adjunct professor of psychology department of Shenzhen University.

Dr XU Wen Yan

Wen Yan holds a PhD, Department of Social Work, from The Chinese University of HongKong, and has BSSc & MPhil, Department of Psychology, from Beijing Normal University.   She is a Asst Professor and teaches clinical courses in the Department of Social Work in FuDan University Social Work.  Wen Yan is the 1st Chinese national to complete the Chinese-American Advance Structural Family Therapy Training Program and the 5th in the Chinese-German Advanced Psychoanalyst Training Program.

Wen Yan is a clinical practitioner in the field of mental health for over 15 years.  She worked as clinical psychologist and family therapist in various hospital and therapy centers.  Since 2008 she has collaborated with the psychiatrists in the Psychosomatic Award of ShangHai Mental Health Center, to provide family counseling for inpatients as well as supervision and training for junior therapists.

Wen Yan also does research based closely on clinical practice, especially on topics related with systemic dynamics within the family with mental afflicted child.  She has published various books and papers on clinical topics. Currently, she is doing some cross-cultural cooperative studies discussing child protection issues and general mental health service system.

Dr FENG Qiang

Qualified with National Psychological Counseling License in 2006

Qualified with National Medical Qualification License in 2007

Qualified with Attendant Psychiatrist in 2015

Registered psychotherapist of Chinese Psychological Society Clinical Psychology Committee

Registered member of Chinese Psychological Society

Registered member of Department of psychiatry, Shanghai Medical Association

Provide family therapy and individual therapy concerning with family and marriage issues and child-parent problems and psychiatric problems

AN Jie

National Second-level Psychological Counselor, Marriage and Family Counselor.

Member of the Professional Committee of Shanghai Psychological Association.

Lifelong membership of the Asian Association for Family Therapy (AAFT).

Part-time consultant/lecturer of Shanghai Jiazhiyuan and Deruimu Psychological Institution.

Current student of the Advanced Seminar on Clinical Psychotherapy Direction, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Former Psychological Guest of SMG Accompany to the Dawn , Parent-Child Columnist and Senior Media Person


National certified psychological counselor.

National certified senior tutor of family education.

Life member of International Family Therapy Association (IFTA).

Life member of Asian Academy of Family Therapy (AAFT).

Member of Shanghai Psychological Academy.

Expert lecturer of psychological adjustment for Shanghai Federation Labor Union.

Special psychological guest of Shanghai CCTV.

Senior psychological columnist of “Popular Medicine”, “Modern Family” magazines, etc.

YE Liang

Education: Psychic health education

Occupation: Psychological Counselor/Family Counselor

Current: Psychological Counselor (Chinese Academy of psychological research– East China Normal University. psychological counseling studio)

Psychological Counselor/Supervisor (Asia EAP Center)

Engaged in psychological counseling for 15 years. Good at personal growth, family, marriage and youth, and specializes in psychodynamic and structured family therapy.

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